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Human Resources Action Plan for Culture 2023-2028

Culture en action – Discussion among all cultural players

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Action Plan 2023-2028

Summary of the Plan

33 Prioritized Actions

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Human Resources at the Core of Cultural Development

Culture en action – Discussion among all cultural players

Flagship of the Quebec economy, culture accounts for around 160,000 jobs and generates a gross domestic product (GDP) surpassing that of mining, transportation equipment manufacturing, or accommodation and food services. Its transformative power makes it unique and strategically positions it as an essential driver of sustainable economic development. In addition to its impact on the tourism sphere, it contributes to urban regeneration, the growth of the experience economy, and plays a role in cognitive development as well as fostering communicative and social skills in the youth. Its companies, organizations, and workforce contribute to enriching local ecosystems through their outstanding talents, creativity, and exemplary versatility.

Jobs in Quebec
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Atypical employment
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Self-employed workers

However, human resources in arts and culture are facing extreme precarity exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting crisis. Long-standing recruitment challenges identified by Compétence Culture have worsened. Issues of burnout and mental health are becoming widespread. Job instability, non-competitive salaries, and the absence of a safety net are challenges that are now impossible to ignore. The vitality and survival of the sector are at stake.

Culture en action – Discussion among all cultural players

An action plan grounded in on-the-ground realities

The Action Plan for Human Resources in Culture 2023-2028 was developed iteratively through an unprecedented collaborative and citizen-led approach. Nearly 1,500 artists, artisans, civil servants, entrepreneurs, cultural workers, and employees were involved in the Culture in Action project. From March 2022 to March 2023, surveys, studies, conferences, workshops, and discussion groups fueled discussions around four major themes:

  • Social safety net
    Better protected labor force through laws and programs.
  • Working conditions
    A valued and healthy workforce
  • Training and skills development
    A more qualified workforce
  • Equity, diversity, and inclusion
    A diverse and inclusive workforce

Going beyond specific interests to unite around common issues, the driving forces of the cultural sector have charted the path to their future by producing this Plan for “Better working, creating, and living in a constantly evolving environment”.

Looking back at two major highlights of Culture in Action

The Grand Spring Workshop

Taking place in Montreal on June 2nd and 3rd, 2022, this event packed two full days with discussions revolving around challenges, ideas, and solutions, all marked by a sense of hope. These discussions served to rejuvenate an industry that has sorely lacked momentum in recent years. Workshops, conferences, and networking opportunities allowed participants to exchange, reflect, express themselves, and most importantly, lay the groundwork for a comprehensive revitalization and restructuring plan with active participation from representatives of relevant government entities.

The Grand Autumn Workshop

After nine months of development, the preliminary version of the Action Plan for Human Resources in Culture 2023-2028 was presented to the entire arts and culture community on November 24th and 25th, 2022. At that stage, the plan outlined 3 major challenges, 4 strategic directions, 11 objectives, 22 action strategies, and 22 expected changes. Representatives from the sector reviewed and discussed these elements during a day of workshops, complemented by a conference and the ‘I Celebrate, Therefore I Am’ awards ceremony. On the second day in the morning session, they prioritized 33 out of the 93 actions outlined in the plan.

Vision by 2028

Culture en action – Discussion among all cultural players

The Quebec society recognizes the essential value and fundamental contribution of the arts as a social binder and a national wealth inherent in its diverse plurality. All individuals dedicated to artistic creation and the promotion of culture are regarded in their human dignity. They work in exemplary and inspiring conditions for the development of their professional careers.

Culture en action – Discussion among all cultural players

Summary of the Action Plan

The Action Plan identifies 3 major challenges, 4 strategic directions, 11 objectives, 22 action strategies, 22 expected changes, and 93 actions.

Here are the main directions and objectives:

Orientation 1

Implementing a social safety net guaranteed by laws and programs for artists, craftsmen, artisans, and workers in the cultural sector.


  1. Ensure full coverage of social protection for all employment statuses
  2. Adapt tax measures according to the specificities of employment statuses and income types

Direction 2

Provide artists, craftsmen, artisans, and cultural workers with legitimate and secure working conditions and remuneration


  1. Increase direct remuneration and income related to professional activities in culture
  2. Ensure and promote well-being, health, and safety in all professional activities within the cultural sector
  3. Attract and retain artists, craftsmen, artisans, and cultural workers to enhance the vitality of the cultural sector
  4. Address the scarcity of labor

Direction 3

Offer coherent training paths for skill development tailored to the specificities of the profession.


  1. Promote and support skill development throughout one’s professional career
  2. Recognize and support diversity and innovation in programs, paths, and learning methods

Direction 4

Support inclusion through actions and practices based on openness to diversity, adhering to the principles of employment equity and career advancement.


  1. Raise awareness and promote best practices in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and their impact on individuals
  2. Recognize and promote the plurality and richness of individuals from Indigenous communities, diverse backgrounds, and immigrant populations in culture throughout the Quebec territory
  3. Recognize and remove systemic barriers that hinder access to work, expression, and professional development for individuals from Indigenous communities, diverse backgrounds, and immigrant groups within cultural networks

Documents to consult

Action Plan 2023-2028 for Human Resources in Culture

Summary of the plan

33 prioritized actions

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Culture en action – Discussion among all cultural players

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